NOT YOUR PUSSY: Lessons In Modern Body Autonomy

OPENS APRIL 1, 2017 —8pm

Performance 9:30

'Not Your Pussy' lessons in modern body autonomy, is a re-appropriation of power of the voyeur from masculine to feminine.  It positions women as producer and consumer of pleasure, not just a subject of a male dominated gaze. This multidisciplinary body of work amplifies our current and overwhelming fight for women's rights and cultural equality by using performance, painting and photography to empower the once silent voice of women.  The artist aims to shake the patriarchal base of our culture and question traditional and common modes of equality, power and respect.  Using vintage pornography and modern pole dance, this work incorporates the taboo, kitsch and the blue collar into the elite, fine-art arena.  Thus, creating a tension between high-brow vs low-brow... foreshadowing our culturally relevant battle between the governed and the governing, illustrating the struggle for female body autonomy within the socio-cultural and political realm.  

'We will no longer go silently into the night... with the support of one another, we will be heard.' ~women

Coral Trimble
Patricia Nobles
Mimi Midnight
Tricia Sakai
Katie Chin

Rob Schanz

Artist/Model/Art Director:
Katie Gray

Performance: The body of work will include performance orchestrated by Katie Gray and performed by Katie Chin, Patricia Nobles, Coral Trimble, Mimi Midnight & Tricia Sakai.  Utilizing geometric color-block elements replicated in the paintingsand photo series, these women will become living, breathing pieces of art.  The movement within the work challenges ideas of high-brow vs low-brow and brings light tothe continuing struggle for women's rights and equality.

Paintings: Using abstract, geometric color-block patterns infused with vintage pornographic figures, these obsessive works mimic the harsh internal & societal pressures experienced by women.  Relentless masking & reforming.  A seemingly endless search for perfection while paradoxically, switching the power of the voyeur from a masculineto feminine gaze.

Photography: Using body paint and movement, the photography series documented a real life happenings, which illuminated the power found in women supporting women.


Opening Reception: April 1 2017 8pm
Performance 9:30

Preview inquiries: adrian [at] analogtattoo.com