Ken Davis

No Spiritual Surrender

Opens Dec 10

In a world that, on an almost consistent basis, tries to shove us through the feed of comfortable conformity, to exist as a true individual capable of free thought, action, and emotions is to truly live the free life we were born with. No Spiritual Surrender is a body of work created by Ken Davis spanning the artist’s growth from a time in his life where he had just begun to live a life truly severed from the binding of conformity and concerns of outside opinion and ended in a time of rock solid confidence in his feelings on what is right and what is horribly wrong with this world.  


We live in a time where the Human Spirit is constantly policed, governed, and distracted.  By historical reference we have known things to cyclically be this way since the beginning of “civilization”.  The title for this show No Spiritual Surrender comes to use in reference to those Heroes of our lives that have refused and still refuse to go quietly into the homogenized masses.  It is inspired by those who “be of a good mind” and live their lives with confidence of who they really are, where they came from, and how to treat the Earth and all who call it home in a good way.  It is inspired by those who stand for justice in humanity and in the natural world and refuse to surrender to those who wish to eat the spirit.  


 “Protect your spirit, because you are in the place where spirits get eaten."  

-       John Trudell