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A warm thank you to all that made it out to Megan Wilson's LADY KILLERS. The evening was a success, from the pieces on display to King Woman crushing their set!  Below are the works that are showcased for the exhibition and will be on display through June 1st. 

We still have a few limited LADY KILLERS handkerchiefs left. Click below to view.

LADY KILLERS tee's are in stock as well. Click image to purchase.

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I wanted to show the dichotomy of women. Seen as the fairer and gentler sex; mothers daughters, sisters and wives, all have and harbor an unforgiving side. I wanted to paint women that have lived that extreme. Some of the women killed for revenge, some killed for love, some killed for selfish gain, some killed simply because they were mad. Every human has a tipping point, where our emotions rule over our common sense and decency. The women I painted allowed their emotions to rule over their self control, acted in violence and took the lives of someone else. I wanted the paintings to be honest portraits of the women, but still cryptic. All of these women kept secrets, their true self was rarely on display. I painted them in a graphic style, all gauche on wood board. Drawing influence from vintage paint by numbers done in the 60's and 70's I've collected. I wanted the paintings to still feel playful to balance the dark subject matter. -Megan Wilson

Also to celebrate Megan's Lady Killers exhibition, we are excited to announce that King Woman will perform a set at the gallery opening night! You can click the below image or band name for more info of their sounds.



Opening Exhibition  May 9, 8pm 'till late

Musical performance by King Woman


1038 LARKIN ST. 


Here are a couple of our gracious sponsors for this event. Click on the image to find out what they're all about!

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