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Zac Scheinbaum Above Water

  Below Flame

   April 7 • 8pm   1038 Larkin St   San Francisco Earth

Disconnection from our ancestors & our history make it hard to define what “is”, “how we came to be”, & what ideology represent us. Where in this day & age does one wear their pride or hold their hatred or anguish?

Through the research of times & cultures forgotten, & a strong influence from old still life & renaissance era paintings, Zac Scheinbaum delivers looming images from the archetypes that define the human mind, the stories we can relate to, the conquest/inquisition & genocides though our course of history.

The idea of the figure in black, the image of death coming to greet us, the eternal mother calming you as she takes one away. Through these images & the various symbology that goes along with them, the stories are as dense or simple as the viewer wants to make them, but at their root the undeniable fear of the unknown is at hand.

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There seems to be a lack of respect, for our traditions, our ancestors and our history. A disconnection, a dulling of the images and subjects that have influenced and pushed many of us forward on our creative paths.  Zac poses the question, “what is important about tradition? - what do we want to leave behind and take away from an experience, how important is it to agree or disagree? Do blending’s of cultures dilute or are we all working towards the same goal. An ultimate combination of stories, religions, arts, music.  If we were to zoom out of our current time and jump thousands of years into the future, what melting pot ideas will take form? This is the greater goal. Or are we going to bastardize things to the point of creating something new? To rework an image over and over and destroy what some of us hold onto so tightly as being “the right way” or “correct”.


Zac was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and grew up to the stories and fables of the various Native American tribes and the Hispanic culture in that region, and has always felt a strong draw towards the imagery it evoked within him. Through his mental/visual filter and his various other influences of the still life being the ultimate form of vanity, the goal is to try and open the mind to new paths of creation, not only in art, but new ways of perceiving and thinking about what it is to be a living entity as well.


So with this, we are, but shadows of ideas of everything around us..

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Zac Scheinbaum

Above Water Below Flame

Opens April 7, 2018

ATAK Gallery

1038 Larkin St

SF • CA • Earth